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Together, let’s invent the boat of tomorrow

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Towards Carbon Neutrality

Discover all the stakeholders and innovations involved in the ODSea Lab collaborative platform

Together, let’s invent the boat of tomorrow

The innovation platform underpinning an ambitious strategic plan: ODYSSEA 2024

ODSeaLab [Observe, Design and Save] is a collaborative platform that accelerates technological solutions. Its aim is to rethink and transform production processes and the choice of materials, and above all, to implement innovations in renewable energy production, electricity storage and zero-emission propulsion for eco-friendly life on board.

Who are the main players? The Owners, Employees, Suppliers, Energy Transition Experts and Research and Development teams who together create sustainable boats and offer low-carbon cruises with the aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.


1. Optimising the life cycle of boats

According to an in-depth study based on the internationally recognised GHG protocol, 80% of Fountaine Pajot yachts‘ carbon footprint is generated from their use and 20% from their production.

By fully optimising the life cycle of sailing catamarans through research and innovation, Fountaine Pajot Motor Yachts and Dufour Sailboats will considerably lessen the impact on the environment and respond to the growing desire of boat owners to reduce their carbon footprint and help preserve the oceans.


« If we want to continue to enjoy all that the oceans have to offer, we have to take action now. »

Romain Motteau, Deputy CEO

2. Turning cruising carbon neutral

Thinking and working together to revolutionise the world of yachting, from design to production to sailing.

  • Guaranteeing energy autonomy
  • Inventing new modes of propulsion
  • Manufacturing with integrity
  • Reusing and reinventing materials

Join the adventure with ODSea Lab!

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