ODSea Life

Protecting the oceans to protect life!

As a pioneer of the environmental transition in the yachting industry and in the face of climate change and biodiversity fragility, the Fountaine Pajot Group is helping to protect marine ecosystems through ODSeaLife.

The world’s oceans are the foundation of the natural world that make our planet habitable: our oxygen supply, water cycle, climate regulation, food resources – the list is endless. However, they are all under increasing pressure from human activity and climate change. To ensure that future generations can enjoy the sea to the fullest, the Fountaine Pajot Group is committed to preserving marine ecosystems.

The challenges and objectives of ODSea Life


Informing and raising awareness

Uniting the entire Fountaine Pajot/Dufour community to support the sustainable development of yachting. Owners, employees, suppliers and stakeholders throughout the yachting industry.


Working with the WWF to preserve posidonia seagrass

We have a three-year partnership with WWF France aimed at raising awareness and mobilising key players in the yachting sector to preserve posidonia meadows. Fountaine Pajot will provide local authorities along the Mediterranean coast with operational support for deploying organised mooring zones in sites where the posidonia meadows need protection. We are also implementing an awareness-raising campaign in France and supporting implementation of “Blue Carbon” projects based on the preservation and/or restoration of posidonia meadows.


Developing sustainable yachting solutions

Research and development of bio-sourced materials and bio-composites for manufacturing boats; launch of the “Licorne” project by the Dufour teams, development of energy self-sufficient catamarans.

Focus on posidonia seagrass, the lungs of the Mediterranean

The posidonia meadow is one of the most productive ecosystems in the world. Forming vast meadows on the sandy seabed to a depth of around 40m, Posidonia oceanica, a form of seagrass, is a veritable ecological treasure trove. This marine plant is in decline due to the impact of leisure craft anchoring in the Mediterranean Sea.

More about posidonia

However, protecting it is easy! Check your nautical charts before anchoring or use the buoys provided and get people talking about it.

of known plant and animal species in the Mediterranean: a reservoir of biodiversity.
produces 14 litres of oxygen per day: the lungs of the Mediterranean.
up to 1,500
tonnes of carbon captured per hectare, 3 – 5 times more than tropical forests, over millions of hectares and hundreds of years: a genuine carbon sink.
reduction in surface area over 50 years across the Mediterranean basin as a whole: a fragile ecosystem.
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