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A community passionate about the sea and sailing, working together to shape the future of yachting.

With its racing background, the Fountaine Pajot Group understands that the team makes the skipper. To remain at the forefront of the industry, the Group has drawn on in-house teams as well as its suppliers, dealers and, of course, owners and sailors, to design and shape the future of yachting. Listening, sharing and implementing actions to improve the Fountaine Pajot / Dufour experience are central to achieving our goal of carbon neutrality by 2030.

A talented crew



The Fountaine Pajot / Dufour team comprises 1,300 men and women who love sailing and the sea, and they represent 40 different professions all working together to design and build Fountaine Pajot cruising catamarans and Dufour sailing yachts. Joiners, cabinetmakers, electricians, plumbers, engine builders, engineers, architects and many others have been working for almost 50 years to design and build boats of excellence, perfecting the balance between quality industrial processes and superior craftsmanship.


Skill sharing

In order to pass on the expertise developed by the Fountaine Pajot Group over almost half a century, the Shipyard is committed to supporting the skills development of its employees. By creating an in-house vocational school, the Group is ensuring that its team learn and share the skills that are vital to designing and manufacturing quality boats. Each new member follows a tailored, comprehensive induction programme that provides optimum conditions for entering their position and aims to develop a more efficient and productive manufacturing process. At the same time, the Group is developing training with local organisations. The partnership with the Lycée Rochefort enables the Group to share its technical expertise in composites while training the younger generation. The aim is to foster exchanges and strengthen its role as a teaching company.


A community of passionate Owners

Today, we have nearly 4,000 owners sailing the world’s oceans and seas who are a close-knit community committed to the values of the Fountaine Pajot Group: sustainable boating, respect for the sea and the desire to think differently. This large family, proud to be part of the Fountaine Pajot / Dufour team, is involved in its own way in preserving the seas and oceans, particularly through the ‘Trash Tuesday’ initiative, which sees its owners’ community commit to collecting beach rubbish each Tuesday when they are cruising. This community is constantly adapting its cruising lifestyle to reduce its impact on the environment and is contributing to the ODSeaLab reflection process by sharing their experience.


Committed dealers

More than 100 dealerships around the world charter and sell Fountaine Pajot Group boats. These dealers are enthusiatic about communicating the shipyard’s values to owners and future owners. Their commitment, alongside the Group, to the yachting industry’s energy transition and move towards a greener future is crucial, as they are a real showcase for how cruising can be transformed. Their involvement on a local scale enables them to make a greater commitment to preserving the oceans and helps to raise their customers’ awareness of the importance of environmentally friendly cruising.

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