Fountaine Pajot was founded in 1976 by Jean-François Fountaine, Yves Pajot, Daniel Givon and Rémi Tristan, who shared a passion for sailing and racing as well as a dream of creating their own shipyard. The men recognised the dynamic opportunities of the marine industry at the time and joined forces to make their mark on the scene.

Today, 40 years later, Fountaine Pajot is one of the most respected shipyards in the world. The dedicated vision of the founding partners, combined with an ongoing commitment to innovation, development and unrivalled service, has seen the company garner countless industry awards and set the benchmark for cruising catamarans throughout the world.

This 40 years of incomparable experience has witnessed the creation of 40 sail and power models, each uniquely suited to the individual needs of their happy owners. This 40 years of success continually inspires us to reach for new horizons and set even higher standards on the exciting projects planned for years to come.

Nicolas Gardies, Chief Executive Officer

Fountaine Pajot Saga

Jean-François Fountaine
Jean-François Fountaine
Yves Pajot
Yves Pajot
Daniel Givon
Daniel Givon
Pierre Fountaine
Pierre Fountaine
Claire Fountaine
Claire Fountaine

Ever since its inception in 1976, Fountaine Pajot has been committed to becoming and remaining the very best in the cruising catamaran industry. The first boats we produced were centreboarders; the 505, 470 and 420 were made of composite sandwich construction and were at the vanguard of marine innovation at the time.

Shortly after, our IOR prototypes demonstrated Fountaine Pajot’s expertise by winning some of era’s premier races. Fountaine Pajot’s first multihulls soon followed – the Royale trimaran and the Charente Maritime catamaran – which made waves in the industry, particularly when the latter outranked all competitors in her first transoceanic races. This original commitment to innovation and excellence has never waned and has been the driving force in the creation of the 40 models produced since Fountaine Pajot’s launch.

However, the lifeblood of the Yacht shipyard is its executive staff who have an unwavering commitment to achieving excellence across all facets of the company’s operation. They have successfully reconciled their professional careers with a passion for cruising and racing, never faltering in their love of the sea and the wind.

Jean-François Fountaine’s achievements include selection in the 1976 Olympic Games, is a half-tonner world champion, came second in the Solitaire du Figaro race and won two transAtlantic races on board Charente Maritime. Yves Pajot was a gold medallist at the 1972 Olympic Games and won several world championships on sailing dinghies and cruiser-racers. Pierre Fountaine was also twice a half-tonner world champion, while Claire Fountaine was a world champion in the 470 class and twice runner up at the world championships.

 Romain Motteau, Fountaine Pajot’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, has taken up the baton winning the Hobie Cat 16 World Champion and establishing an esteemed reputation on the small racing catamaran scene. He has crewed regularly with Franck Cammas and Pierre Pennec on Extrem 40 and also won the Archipelago Open race in the 18-foot class.  Just like his predecessors, Romain is driven to developing a company that is as professionally successful as its executives are on the water.


Jean-François Fountaine, Yves Pajot, Daniel Givon and Rémi Tristan officially create the FOUNTAINE PAJOT shipyard. Pierre Fountaine joins the team.


The company’s immediate success results in the opening of a new production facility opened, which produced the 505, 420 and 470 centreboarders.


The success continues with the IOR prototypes. These Half Tonners proceed to win the World Championships and the Solitaire du Figaro single-handed race.


The Royale trimaran (18m) and the Charente Maritime trimaran (21m), intended for open racing, leave the Fountaine Pajot shipyards. The two boats go on to win numerous races with Jean Francois Fountaine and his friends onboard.

Louisiane 37 fountaine-pajot-louisiane-37-1983

The multihull Louisiane 37 is launched, Fountaine Pajot’s first production boat designed by Joubert Nivelt. Fountaine Pajot launches its innovative cruising catamaran concept.

Casamance 43 fountaine-pajot-casamance-43-1985

The Casamance 43 is unveiled, setting new standards in the multihulls industry with its fixed fins, spacious accommodation, and its large, light-filled nacelle that is directly connected to the hulls.

Fidji 39 fountaine-pajot-fidji-39-1988

The range is extended with the release of the Maldives 32 and the Fidji 39.

Marquises 53 fountaine-pajot-marquises-53-1991

The Marquises 53 is launched, designed by Jean Berret and Olivier Racoupeau.

Venezia 42 fountaine-pajot-venezia-42-1992

The Joubert Nivelt-designed Venezia 42 is released, its roof cap breaking new ground in marine design and becoming the company’s smiling cat signature mark.

Athena 38 fountaine-pajot-athena-38-1994

Fountaine Pajot enjoys significant success on the international scene. The shipyard continues to expand its range with the launch of 4 multihulls : the Bahia 46, Tobago 35, Athena 38 and Marquises 56.

Taiti 75 fountaine-pajot-taiti-75-1997

The Taïti 75 is announced and immediately revolutionises the commercial day charter market.

Maryland 37 fountaine-pajot-maryland-37

Fountaine Pajot launches its unique Trawler Catamaran range with the Maryland 37 and Greenland 34, both designed by Joubert Nivelt. The power catamarans receive critical acclaim for their innovative design and excellent performance.


Our industrial processes receive ISO 9002 version 1994 certification.

Belize 43 fountaine-pajot-belize-43-2000

The Belize 43 is launched, swiftly becoming the benchmark for the world’s sailing catamarans.


Fountaine Pajot undergoes a technological revolution, employing injecsion techniques to mould all the nacelle hulls of the new Lavezzi 40. This development is a significant step towards the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Lavezzi 40 fountaine-pajot-lavezzi-40-2002

The Lavezzi 40 is released representing an unprecedented standard in onboard living with its ergonomic design, spaciousness, and ease of handling.


Eleuthera 60 fountaine-pajot-eleuthera-2004

The Eleuthéra 60 designed by Berret Racoupeau and the Cumberland 44 designed by Joubert Nivelt and O. Flahault are released, and soon become leaders in the long-distance cruising catamaran market.

Highland 35 fountaine-pajot-highland-35-2005

The Highland 35 is announced, affording an impressive option for entry-level power catamaran clients.


The Mahé 36 is also launched, and is renowned for being the shipyard’s first entirely vacuum-moulded model with infusion process for the hulls and cost-efficient RTM for the deck. the first entirely vacuum molded: infusion for the hulls and cost-saving RTM for the deck.

Orana 44 fountaine-pajot-orana-44

A SIGNIFICANT MILESTONE : Fountaine Pajot is listed on the Alternex stock exchange, providing recognition of the company’s financial security and exciting potential. The public listing finances its commitment to developing state-of-the-art technologies and continuing its design of new and improved models across its range.

The Orana 44 and Salina 48 are launched, complementing the shipyard’s sail range.


Galathea 65 fountaine-pajot-galathea-65

The prestigious FLAGSHIP luxury catamaran range is launched, comprising the Galathea 65 sailing catamaran designed by Berret Racoupeau and the Queensland 55 motor yacht by Andrieu.

Lipari 41 fountaine-pajot-40

The yacht shipyard announces two new mid-range models, including the Lipari 41 sailing catamaran and the Summerland 40 power catamaran. Fountaine Pajot survives the global financial crisis with its bold strategic planning, commitment to innovation and its team’s tireless work ethic.

Helia 44 fountaine-pajot-helia-44

The ECO CRUISING concept is launched and integrated in the company’s designs, facilitating environmentally friendly cruising with its use of various renewable energy sources.

The release of the Sanya 57 ushers new standards in cruising style with its panoramic views, lounge deck and sleek lines. The Helia 44 is unveiled, emulating the Sanya’s design concept and enjoying immediate sales success.

Victoria 67 Victoria 67

A new chapter in the Fountaine Pajot story commences with the announcement of FOUNTAINE PAJOT MOTOR YACHTS. The range stylishly blends all the advantages of a power catamaran and a motor yacht.

The Victoria 67 is added to the FLAGSHIP range, featuring a true flybridge and elegant lines.


Jean-François Fountaine steps down from his position and transfers management of the shipyard to Nicolas Gardies (Chief Executive Officer) and Romain Motteau (Deputy Chief Executive Officer) whose experience and expertise guarantee continuity and stability. Jean-Francois Fountaine is elected Mayor of La Rochelle.

The Saba 50 is launched and is lauded for her stylish design and impressive performance.

MY 37 fountaine-pajot-motoryacht-my37

The company makes significant progress on the international market, with Fountaine Pajot power and sail catamarans ordered by discerning clients from all corners of the globe.

The MY 37, designed by Andrieu, shines more positive industry attention on the shipyard’s Motor Yacht range.


Lucia 40 fountaine-pajot-lucia-40


This year, Fountaine Pajot celebrates:

4 new models: the Helia 44 Evolution, Ipanema 58, Lucia 40 and the MY 37.

40 years with 2,700 catamarans cruising the oceans of the world.

40 years with 400 motivated employees and 70 enthusiastic international dealers.

40 years of passion and energy that drives us forward to even greater success.

Rebranding 2016-2019_Fountaine Pajot Success Story V2

To celebrate their 40 years of expertise, Fountaine Pajot creates two very distinct brands, each of which has a strong identity: Fountaine Pajot Sailing Catamarans and Fountaine Pajot Motor Yachts. Two worlds, two boldly modern and innovative brands…

2017 is also the year in which two new models are launched: the Saona 47 by Fountaine Pajot Sailing Catamarans and the MY 44 by Fountaine Pajot Motor Yachts, both honored since by the international press.

Alegria 67 2016-2019_Fountaine Pajot Success Story2

With the success of the Motor Yacht MY 44 among Owners, also elected “European Yacht of the Year”, Fountaine Pajot Motor Yachts announces the production of the MY 40. Fountaine Pajot Sailing Catamarans also launches two new models. The Astréa 42, boasting thorough bred lines, performance at sea and living spaces on board, all very much the DNA of the yard. As for the fleet’s new flagship the Alegria 67, it represents Fountaine Pajot luxury and refinement.

In 2018, the Fountaine Pajot group becomes a major player in the boat industry, although some might say it was already, by finalizing a merger with Dufour Yachts.

MY 40 2016-2019_Fountaine Pajot Success Story3

The two ranges grow with the launch of the New 45 and the MY 40.

Samana 59 2020---Samana-59

Launch of two new sailing catamarans

The Isla 40 and the Samana 59

And a new luxury power catamaran: the Power 67

Motor Yachts range 2020---MY-Range

A new dimension for the Fountaine Pajot Motor Yachts brand which today assumes that the spaces of its Motor Yachts are superior to monocoques of the same size, offering a more comfortable interpretation of its range.

And a new model: the MY4.S

And a (Sport Top) version for this new model, opening access to the Fountaine Pajot Motor Yachts Brand, lower, more sporty, lighter and with a new line. With the new MY4.S, Fountaine Pajot Motor Yachts offers a consistent and completely attractive range in the world of motor yachts, where luxury, space, innovation and design are the key words.