Our teams comprise the industry’s most highly skilled and specialised experts in the catamaran sailboat manufacturer’s industry, and their commitment to excellence ensures each Fountaine Pajot model represents superior quality, timeless design, optimal safety and technological innovation.

The superior quality of manufacturing employed on every Fountaine Pajot catamaran is the result of a controlled balance between advanced industrial processes and exquisite craftsmanship. A number of specialised internal divisions in the Shipyard are integral in the construction of each multihull, including composites, assembly, cabinetwork, equipment, electrical, plumbing, motors, and launching. We also collaborate with industry-leading experts and a network of reliable subcontractors who provide state-of-the art products and services, including upholstery, deck hardware and stainless steel parts, as well as sails, engines and on-board electronics.

Innovation and engineering

Dedication to excellence

Fountaine Pajot’s design office is divided into two specialist research teams. The first, based at our Aigrefeuille production centre, oversees the design and manufacture of Fountaine Pajot’s mid-size range. The second team, based at our La Rochelle production centre, exclusively manages our prestigious Flagship range of catamarans over fifty feet.

Our teams comprise the industry’s most highly skilled and specialised experts in the yacht manufacturer’s industry, and their commitment to excellence ensures each Fountaine Pajot multihull yacht represents superior quality, timeless design, optimal safety and technological innovation.



Expert in injection techniques

Fountaine Pajot is a world leader in the use of resin transfer injection and infusion techniques. Every component of our sail and power catamaran range, from bulkheads and decks to flybridge and hulls, is made of composite materials, and our cutting edge construction technologies are instrumental in reducing weight while delivering exceptional strong, safe and environmentally friendly multihulls.

Our state-of-the-art technologies are fully compliant with the industry’s rigorous environmental regulations and standards, and are another example of Fountaine Pajot’s commitment to eco-friendly operation.



Timber craftsmanship at its finest

The design, construction and assembly process for our catamarans’ cabinetry is conducted at the Fountaine Pajot catamaran shipyard and is subject to the most rigorous standards to ensure the highest quality of fitout. Our expert craftsmen work only with noble woods designed to withstand the most gruelling conditions at sea while also being supremely elegant and functional.



Strong and stable partnerships with premier brands

Fountaine Pajot has established solid and successful partnerships with many of the industry’s premier brands, ensuring our boats are fitted to the highest quality and levels of safety. Our owners can access our suppliers’ international network of service centres for optimal convenience, no matter where their location. For example, Volva Penta offer efficient and reliable after-sales service through their network of dealers in 130 countries!

These solid relationships ensure we remain at the forefront of technological developments and can continue constructing boats that set new benchmarks in safety, comfort and performance.


Rigging / Sailing

Professional equipment

The relationships we have established with the industry’s most reputable suppliers also means that the rigging and sail equipment on our entire range are optimised for quality, safety and performance. These suppliers specialise in multihulls and are mutually passionate about sailing and offshore racing, and our partnerships are a guarantee of performance, accessibility and simplicity for all our sailing catamarans and motor yachts.  For boats without a flybridge, our designers have implemented designs to ensure boom accessibility is safe, easy and ergonomic.



Integrated innovation for green cruising

Fountaine Pajot is committed to preserving the environment while making cruising easy, efficient and autonomous. Our catamarans are equipped with renewable energy technologies to harness the natural energy of the sun, wind and water in order to reduce fuel consumption and toxic emissions. Interactive electronic equipment delivers precise data to make life easy onboard while making as little impact on the environment as possible.